Google Translate App

To translate the text between a number of different languages whether English, Korean, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, or any other language, you can use Google Translate on a mobile device or computer. Using Google Translate app on your mobile device, you can translate text, photos, handwriting, and speech.

Ways to Use Google Translate App

There are different types of ways available to initiate the translation using Google and they are Speak, type, take a photo, offline, and write. You can use speak procedure with your phone in which you need to speak to your mobile to translate words or phrases. You can also find more about how to translate based on 2-way conversation or translating by speaking. 


You can simply type the text that you want to translate from and to for more than 100 languages. 

Take a Photo

By pointing out your phone's camera to images of text or menus or any other relevant text, you can translate the text from your preferred language to any other supported language instantly.


You can also translate your language while you're in offline by downloading the languages into your mobile device. 

Download and Use Google Translate

With the use of Google Translate app, you can translate text, handwriting, images that contains text, photos, and speech in more than 100 languages. Otherwise, you can also translate it through website. To get started with the app, you need to download it either you're using Android or iOS mobile device. In order to translate the images with your camera, your mobile device needs to meet the requirements such as Dual core CPU with ARMv7 and auto-focus camera. 

Set Up Google Translate App

Once you've been completed the download process, it will be prompted you to choose your primary language and the language you want to translate most often. It will be reconnected with the Wi-Fi network by default to download the language. 

Download Languages to use Offline

You can download the languages onto your mobile device. It allows the users to translate the texts without having any internet connection. If you've downloaded the language on your mobile device, you might be able to translate it using your phone's camera.

Choose and Download Languages

  • At initial step, you're required to ensure that your connected network should be having Wi-Fi network. 
  • Accordingly, you can open the translate app. 
  • On the either side of the screen, tap the language on the top of web page. 
  • You can click on right next to the language you want to download. 
  • When it is prompted to download, you can tap on download button. 

Download Languages without using Wi-Fi network

You can translate the languages without accessing to a Wi-Fi network. For that, you need to open the translate app and go to data usage option under left menu section of settings. You can tap on download offline translation files. 

Update or Remove Languages

If you want to remove or update languages for your app, you make sure that your mobile device must be connected with the Wi-Fi network. To upgrade a language, you can tap on next to the upgrade button. To delete the particular language, you can tap on remove button.