Google Translate Chinese to English

Google Translate's free online service tool allows the users to translate from Chinese to English language without facing any hassles out. It lets you to translate text, images, documents, and web pages. 

Translate Texts to English

You can use Google Translate online service tool to translate from Chinese to English language. Accordingly, you just type or paste Chinese or English text to translate. With the help of this tool, you can translate full documents and emails instantly to and from Chinese. You can also translate documents in popular formats by simply uploading them into the translator. 

Translate Web Pages

Using the Google Translate's tool, you can easily get a Chinese translation webpages to English language within a couple of moments. In a similar manner, you can find other professional Chinese translation service which helps the users to get translate for all types of documents including marketing, legal, employee handbooks, technical, and much more. It is a free online source to learn English based on translation and help for learning to speak the language using developed speech tools. 

Translation APIs

The translation API at Google is highly responsive so that websites and applications can integrate with the translation API for fast and dynamic translation of text from the source language to target language. For example, if you want to translate from Chinese to English, you can use this API tool. Whereas in the case of source languages are unknown, you can consider language detection which helps the users to get out the issues when you're trying to use translate tool. 

It supports more than 100 languages from Afrikaans to Zulu and facilitates the translation between thousands of language pairs. Some cases, you may don't know your source text language in advance. With this API, you can automatically detect the languages with high accuracy. 

Based on its simple integration, you don't have to extract the full text from your document and you just simply sent the HTML documents. It adopts simple and affordable pricing through which you can make charges on a per character basis even though the character is having multiple bytes. The prices are more affordable and making the translation API is a low cost localization solution when compared to other alternative methods. The essential features are text translation, programmatic access, adjustable quota, continuous updates, language detection, and affordable and easy pricing. Through a standard Google Rest API, you can access different programmatic languages such as Ruby, Objective C, and Python. 

With the help of this tool, you can send html codes instead of extracting the text and receive back with translated text. It has the ability to detect the type of language and translate it based on its API. You can also increase you quota from 2M characters per day to 5M characters per day or else request for a higher quota. However, the translation pricing is totally relied on millions of characters sent. It's pricing schedule is easy to understand for everyone and available with more affordable.