Google Translate French to English

Whether you may want to learn English language or desire to get proficient knowledge about English. In some cases, you may find a difficulty to understand English language because you're a French speaker. In this situations, you can use Google Translate French to English which gives you ability to learn another language very easily by knowing the context of a culture. Pertinently, it offers two options to help you translate your content very easily. The options are free website translator and translate API. 

Free Website Translator

It adds the power of Google Translator's automatic translations to your website. It can be used for free of cost and its plugin expands your global reach very quickly and easily. 

Translate API

As Translate API is highly responsive, you can get dynamic translation of your text from the source language to target language. For example, the source language is French and target language is English. However, there is an availability of language detection that is in active state when the source language is unknown. It has incorporated with the underlying technologies which pushes the boundary of machine learning translation and it is updated constantly to enhance the translations performance and introduce new language pairs for users. 

This translation API supports various types of languages including more than 100 and it enables the translation between thousands of language pairs. You may don't know your source text language in advance. For instance, user generated content might not consists of a language code. 

In that case, it automatically detects the language code with the help of translation API and identify the languages with accuracy. Due to its simple integration, you can easily use the platform and no need to extract text from your document to translate. You just sent the HTML forms and get back a response with translated text. It has a simple and affordable pricing chart. Relevantly, it charges on a per character basis although the characters having multiple bytes. 

It makes the translation API a low cost localization solution when compared to the alternative methods. The essential features of translation API included text translation, continuous updates, programmatic access, affordable and easy pricing, adjustable quota, and language detection. 

Data Transfer

With the help of Google Cloud platform, you can move your data. Whether you want to transfer the data with 50 Gigabytes or 50 Petabytes, you can access to a T1 line or 10 Gbps. Accordingly, Google provides different solutions for users to meet the unique data transfer requirements and get your data whenever you want quickly and securely. 

There are four different options available such as cloud storage transfer service, online transfer, BigQuery data transfer service, and transfer appliance. By using online transfer, you can use your network to move the data to cloud storage. To ship the data securely, you need to choose between 100TB and 480TB rackable appliances. You can also make schedule and automate the data transfers from your SaaS applications to BigQuery.