Google Translate German to English

Google Translate is a free translation tool which has provided everything that you need for German translation. This website allows the users to translate words, phrases, documents, and web pages from German to English language. Accordingly, you can translate your website, videos, documents, and much more. 

How to Translate German to English

Using Google Translate tool, you can easily get English translation from German language. For that, you simply type or paste German text and click translate button to get the translated version of English language. You can also translate full documents and emails instantly from German to English. 

Web Translation

You can get a German Translation web pages immediately based on the free online service. You can also get an instant quote for professional translation to and from German. This free online service tool translates different kinds of documents such as marketing, legal, employee handbooks, technical, and more. 

Translation APIs

The translation API is integrated with the machine and human translation into your application. It will also allow you to access the full power of SDL language cloud translation platform. 

Translation Images

By using Translate app, you can easily translate the text based on your phone's camera to translate the text. Here, you should make a note that the text which contains small letters, stylish text, or badly lit texts might be provided less accurate translation results. To translate the language from German to English, you need to consider below steps such as:
  • You just open the translate app to convert the text. After that, you can tap on the language that shown on left corner of the web page which you want to translate. 
  • In the next step, tap a language that you want to read. 
  • If you want to get instant results, you can tap on instant translate button. If it's not there, you can take a photo using your phone's camera. 
  • Accordingly, you can point your camera on text that you want to translate. 
  • If you've downloaded the language and if it's available for instant translation, you can turn on instant translation option. 
  • If it's not available for instant translation or you can't download the language, you can tap on take a photo. However, you can highlight the text you want to translate with your finger. 
You must make some important notes to proceed with the translation successfully. You can tap on pausing the camera at the bottom right of the corner. For some languages, there will be different pause buttons available like Arabic. 

You can also translate text in photos that you've already saved or taken a picture. You can translate text images for various different languages in addition to the German to English and the languages are Danish to English, English to Spanish, English to Polish, English to Swedish, English to Turkish, and much more. It lets you to translate the text in images to various languages including English to Arabic, English to Hindi, German to Arabic, and English to Thai.