Google Translate Korean to English

Specifically, Korean shares grammatical features and vocabulary from the Chinese and Japanese languages. In fact, 50% of the Korean words have borrowed from Chinese and Japanese. Recently, it has an evidence showed that borrowed words from Sanskrit, Mongolian, and more. Some of the contrary new words also have borrowed from English language like Weding. 

Whether you may want to translate the Korean language to English, you can use Google Translate that can help you to get translated words in English from Korean language within a couple of moments. For that, you need to simply type the text that you want to translate and it will automatically provide you translated words. 

If not, you can click on translate button to receive the results. This tool also facilitates you to get convenient access to online service which can be powered by various translation engines such as English spell checking tool, English and Korean text-to-speech services, email client, back translation, and much more. 

Google Now Translate Korean to English While You Watch

With the mobile device, you can easily translate the words of Korean to English using Google Translate. For that, you're required to put the phone at Korean text and watch the words transform into your language of choice whether English, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, or any other supported language. It's simple process of translation in Google Translate app and it should be downloaded on your phone to do successful translation with accuracy. 

Recently, it has updated the Korean language support for its Word Lens tool. Accordingly, you just point your camera to Korean text and watch it translate into the language of English in real time. Specifically, Asian languages are very tricky to translate due to their grammatical rules and alphabetic system. That means one word have different meanings and pronunciations based on situations. 

It uses machine learning in order to develop its translations by using neural networks to recognize letters. However, Google Translate's word lens tool supports Asian languages such as Japanese, Chinese, Mandarin, and more. But, there is a drawback that it's not fully supported the Thai and Vietnamese. It will bring more products to support more languages across the world. So that, users can easily use this tool and quickly get the results. 

Translate with Virtual Keyboard

By using translate's virtual keyboard, you can type or draw letters or symbols on your keyboard. Accordingly, you need to go to Google Translate web page or mobile app. In the next step, click the language that you want to translate from and to. Click the keyboard that you want to use while doing translation process. You can also use this keyboard to type or draw what you want to translate into. 

Translate Images

You can make use of your phone's camera when you want to translate the text or signs or handwritten texts from Korean to English. To get accurate results, you just point out the camera lens to translate and you can tap the language that you want to translate. In this way, you can do translate using the mobile app or online website based on images.