Google Translate Tagalog to English

Google Translate Tagalog to English tool helps to translate Tagalog to English language. It is not always accurate. Some of the translations are not even close and often be quite funny. You might get slightly wrong Tagalog translations while you're searching for words or phrases or sentences. However, you should make a note that the Google Translator is always improving. In order to get more accurate results, you can try out shorter sentences instead of using longer sentences.

Google Translate translates various forms of text and media subsuming video, images, speech, text, sites, or real-time video from one language to another. It supports more than 100 languages to translate. It can be acted as a simple dictionary for single-input word. For some specific languages, translator tool highlight the corresponding words and phrases, and pronounces the translated text. 

If you've chosen detect language option, you can get automatic detection of translation for unknown language. If you want to translate the source text which contains html code, you can directly copy the URL link and it will produce a hyperlink to a machine translation of a website. You can also save translations for latter use. For some of the languages, text can be entered through an on-screen board or speech recognition or handwriting recognition. It is available in some of the web browsers as an optional downloadable extension which can helpful to run the translation engine. 

By default, this tool is integrated with the Google Chrome extension tool. You can also use Google Translate app along with the online website and it is available for both Android and iOS mobile devices which supports more than 100 languages and can translate 37 languages through photo or voice in conversation mode. It also facilitates most convenient access to online translation service which included various machine translation engines. 

It has provided different types of tools to users such as online translation service, English spell checking tool, on-screen keyboard machine, and English text-to-speech service which are designed for major languages, email client, back translation, and more. The featured language translations are subsumed English translation, Spanish translation, German translation, Russian translation, French translation, Hebrew translation, Japanese translation, Arabic translation, and Portuguese translation. In most of the cases, it provides reasonable results although the quality of machine translation can not be compared to the professional translations The main features of the translation tool included high accuracy rate, instant translation service, and free translation tool. 

Translation API is incorporated with the Translate Google that can be helpful to translate between thousands of available language pairs. The features are text translation, programmatic access, adjustable quota, affordable and easy pricing, and continuous updates. With the use of this tool, you can send and receive html code so you don't need to extract the text from source text. Based on Restful API, it detect a document's language and translate it quickly and easily.